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PS3 Jailbreak

PS3 ConsolePS3 Jailbreaking is a really impressive way to unlock your console. When it comes down to buying the latest PS3 games it can be extremely expensive and will cost you a fortune if you are an compulsive gamer. If you would like to play top releases but do not want to break the piggy bank then you need to jailbreak your PS3.

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Just What Is A PS3 Jailbreak?

If you are still in the dark about just what a PS3 jailbreak is then please keep reading as i will explain to you what it is and just what it can do.

The method of my choice includes using a USB shaped device which will break into your device and alter the firmware/hardware of a PS3. After this has taken place you can play copied games (please note after a PS3 jailbreak has taken place your warrantly will be gone).


How Do This PS3 Jailbreak Work?

It is not all that hard to jailbreak your PS3. The steps are as follows:
1. Plugin a USB stick into the PS3 (Which includes the update file)
2. Update your PS3 via USB.
3. Shortly after update the PS3 will restart and you will have jailbroken it.


The Pros And Cons Of Jailbreaking a PS3

The Pros:
The Pros And ConsThere is several advantages when it comes down to performing a PS3 Jailbreak some of which include:


  • The ability to play copied games.
  • Play games directly from your PS3 hard drive.
  • Backup and play existing games without the need for the CD.
  • Run new applications that you could never run before.
  • Even install an operating system like linux!



The Cons:
If you decide to perform a jailbreak of your PS3 then you will lose your warranty. This is not a great thing to happen if you have a new PS3 HOWEVER if your warranty has come to an end then what the heck! The choice is yours as to jailbreak your PS3 or not and should be done at your own risk.


A Few Lasts Words About The Jailbreaking Topic

UnlockAs i have explained it is really simple to perform a PS3 jailbreak and you do not have to be a technology geek to do so. There has been a lot of man hours put into breaking the PS3 and now it has been completed many people have taken advantage of it.

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